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At Ampersand Video we offer a full time team of expert video marketers, who are dedicated to creating and distributing a range of amazing videos for your marketing, product and service needs.

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&Video is a melting pot of experience across marketing, production, digital, and videography. We are a team of passionate professionals with a firm belief in the power of video – and we have dedicated our lives to harnessing every bit of that power for our clients.

Our time in digital marketing and video production left us feeling frustrated at both industries. We thought production companies could do more, and digital marketing agencies could do better.

We wanted to create an agency that didn’t charge exorbitant amounts of money for underachieving and underwhelming video. We wanted to level the playing field so all businesses could play. We wanted every video to achieve more for our clients.

&Video Marketing was born from a desire to provide real value to our clients using our skills in both digital marketing and video production.

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