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At Ampersand Video we offer a full time team of expert video marketers, who are dedicated to creating and distributing a range of amazing videos for your marketing, product and service needs.

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Video Production Process

At &Video we make the video production process as smooth as possible for our clients, making it stress-free and easy! But what does the whole process involve?

Well, first we talk to you about what you need from a video, and what you want to achieve from making this video. Once we know this, we will strategize with you what video content is best for you and your business. When the &video team know what video content we will be making for you, we get started on the video production.

All video productions are split into 3 stages: pre-production, production and post-production.

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This is where all the organisation and planning happens. The &video production team is hard at work working on scripts, scheduling our in house crew, and organising everything that needs to be sorted before filming takes place. The &video team make sure that everything is planned and ready to go for your filming date.

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This is the stage that everyone knows about, it’s when the filming happens. It’s important for the team at &video to schedule filming days well, to make sure we capture everything we need to make your video. On the filming day our production team works efficiently, while still capturing high quality content for you. The &video team make sure that you are comfortable on the filming day, and also enjoying the process!

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This stage is where the magic happens – where the video is edited. The length of a video doesn’t always relate to how long it will take in post-production. The &video team create a post-production schedule and send it to you, so you know when you can expect the drafts of the video to review it. &video like to give our clients time to review their video content, so they can give us the best feedback possible, and we can make the best video for you.

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Our video production and marketing team work with you to understand the best video content for your business.  Reach out to us for one of our video marketers to contact you to discuss what video can drive more business to you.