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At Ampersand Video we offer a full time team of expert video marketers, who are dedicated to creating and distributing a range of amazing videos for your marketing, product and service needs.

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Raising Capital Through Video

Raising Capital Through Video

You have the concept, you built a solid team and have hit the ground running. But now it’s time to start raising money. You need capital to fund your growth, but how will you convince the investors to jump on board? 

Or, are you a non profit? Providing a solution to a social issue, urging people to donate to help those in need. How are you going to increase your donations and continue to support your cause? Whether you are a non profit or a start-up with a game changing innovation – video is your key to the promised land when it comes to raising money.

Watch the video below to find out more about raising money using the power of video. 

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