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At Ampersand Video we offer a full time team of expert video marketers, who are dedicated to creating and distributing a range of amazing videos for your marketing, product and service needs.

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Video Distribution

Your video has been strategised, produced, and optimised. Now what? It’s time to distribute it and get it out there!

At &Video, we don’t just hand you a USB stick with your video file on it and wish you well. We host, format, embed and distribute your video content for your website and social media platforms to make sure it reaches your audience in the best possible way.

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We’ve partnered with an incredibly powerful video hosting platform that allows us to embed beautiful high-resolution 4k video onto your website without any size or load time issues. We’ll make sure all the valuable data that search engines need to go wherever your video goes. We’ll also distribute your video in the most optimal format to give it the best chance of success no matter where it’s published.

Each social media platform favours videos in different formats and aspect ratios – so what might work for Instagram won’t on LinkedIn. We take the stress out of distributing your videos, to make sure it connects with your consumers on whatever platform they live on.

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